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SHSN seemed like the natural choice for the three of us – there’s only three parts: “woman 1”, “woman 2”, and “man”. It was a magic moment for John, Merel and I when we gathered around John’s grand piano singing through the song “Travel” from SHSN. We immediately felt the connection with each other and the music. Our voices sounded so good together right from the start! It took a few more weeks for the idea to manifest, but we didn’t need a lot of convincing to go for it – not knowing what we got ourselves into: dealing with rights and legal stuff, finances, booking theaters, dealing with social media campaigns …

Still, but why SHSN? Well, John Rinaldi knows musical theater plays that no man (nor woman) has ever heard of before, so I wasn’t surprised when he pulled out this particular score (that I had never heard of). What makes it really special is that he not only knew about the show, but that he has a personal connection to it that goes way back to when he was – at 12 years old – got to meet Loni Ackerman backstage! The much acclaimed actress and singer did all the big Broadway shows like Evita, Cats, Sunset Blvd, and many more and was part of the original Off-Broadway cast of SHSN back in 1977.

And this is not even the end of the story. John’s N.Y.C. based career coach is acquainted with the composers, Richard Maltby Jr. and David Shire, who have been very gracious with us in allowing us to make some small changes to the show, approving all of our proposals. Richard was kind enough to even write down some insightful personal thoughts and memories for us to share with you all. We are thrilled to be part of this musical journey through the decades – for us, SHSN still holds the magic of a new beginning, 46 years after its premiere in N.Y.C.

Grab the chance to be part of something so special and come see us perform the show live while you can. It’s worth it!

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