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A Note from John about Loni Ackerman and the “Starting Here, Starting Now” Original Cast Album

A note from John Rinaldi:

In 1980, I was 12 and had just seen Loni Ackerman as Evita in Los Angeles. Then, at a friend’s house, I saw the SHSN album cover with Loni doing that signature high kick. I breathlessly confirmed with my friend that this was indeed the same woman who had just seduced Argentina at the Shubert, and ran out to buy a copy. My goal was to hear Loni’s amazing voice again, but what I got as a bonus was a batch of songs that immediately melted into my heart. I felt as if I had found my own personal treasure trove, and wanted to share these brilliant songs with everyone who crossed my path. Now, here we are, over 40 years later, doing just that, half a world away from L.A.! These durable, beautifully-crafted songs indeed love to “Travel”.

Here is a young me, posing backstage with Loni at the Shubert Theater in Los Angeles in 1980. My voice teacher, Darlene Romano, was married to David Romano, an original Los Angeles cast member, who invited me and my parents backstage.

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